Vector Artwork Conversion

Any image or video created on a computer, utilizing specialized graphics software and hardware is a computer graphic. Thanks to the internet and the age of modern advertisement, today the use of computer graphics is extremely high. There are basically two types of images known as raster images and vector images. The process of creating vectors is known as vectorization. Most people ask us what is vectorization? In this post, we will try to explain what is vector artwork conversion and why it is useful in your advertising campaigns.

Raster Graphics

According to the definition, raster or bitmap images are graphics that are built with the dot matrix structure. They are constituted of rectangular or square pixels and can be viewed on a digital screen, paper or any other display medium. They are stored in image files made of a variety of formats such as jpg, gif, tiff and more.

Any picture taken by a camera or a scanner is a raster by default. The computers are programmed to create raster images instantly and save them in the format desired. If you do not change the format, by default it will pick either jpg or png in the bitmap structure. Thus, the image is digitally converted into pixels and arranged to form the picture.

Bitmaps are a grid of pixels and each pixel is composed of a number of bits. The width and height of a pixel are determined by the number of bits it holds. The bits actually hold the color information and as they combine together, we see an image with colors. While the image may seem spectacular in its originality, re-scaling it can cause a mess.

Do you have a picture of your business logo that you want to use for advertisement purposes? Try to make it large by stretching it beyond its original size. What is the result? Certainly, the picture has pixelated and you see boxes rather than the smooth logo. It is not your fault but happens due to the very nature of an image in a bitmap format. For this very reason, you need to do vectorization.

Vector Graphics

Vectors in computer graphics are made on specialized software. They are defined in terms of 2D points, interconnected in the form of lines and curves. Every point has a value on the x-axis and the y-axis determining their path, thickness, and curves. The points connect to form shapes which then hold the desired colors. Vector graphics are present in the form of file formats such as eps, svg and pdf formats.

Nowadays vectorization has become an integral part of the print and advertising industry. Today, advertising methods have broken all barriers providing endless possibilities. You can have the same image printed to fit on larger than life billboards or compress it to fit inside a key chain. It is not possible to do so with a raster image but can be easily managed with vectors. So, if you are looking for an everlasting solution to your imaging needs, you need to convert raster to vector file.

What Is Vectorization?

Now let’s address the main question of our blog. What is meant by vectorization? To sum it up, the process of creating a vector image is known as vectorization. To create the image, graphic designers use special software such as Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw. They are specifically programmed and are extremely difficult to use for a newbie. You need extensive practice and training to be able to use it perfectly.

There are many ways of vectorization but the easiest way is to hire an expert Vector Art Services provider. Now you might be curious, why didn’t we recommend doing it yourself? Well, check out the functions yourself, you are welcome to have a go at it. But when we talk about achieving mastery and working for commercial activities, one has to be a professional at it.

The front face, the GUI of the software is not intimidating, it looks like an extended version of MS Paint. The tools are well aligned and you can select them with just a click. The real challenge here is managing them and bringing out the best results. Getting used to them and creating awesome results is an uphill task and requires years of practice.

Vectorization is Affordable

Professionals who have already spent half of their lives learning the tools are available. Surely you can’t spend that much time only to make your business logo. Why stress yourself when it can be done for only a few dollars? Hiring a graphic designer for vectorization does not cost a fortune. You can get your logo vectorized for as low as $8.

Since the process requires manual labor, there is no precise automated solution available yet. There are many misleading links on the internet that claim to provide you a solution. Some even claim to do it free for you, avoid them at all costs. They are mostly spam links that can infect your PCs with deadly viruses and Trojans making them useless.

Remember, your advertisement campaign needs to be the best. It must be perfect and everyone including your customers and your competitors will see the images. Leave no stone unturned to stand out from the competition and emerge victorious. Saving a few dollars on image quality can result in a bigger loss. You should never compromise on vectorization quality and always use the best services.

Absolutely Perfect Vectorization Available

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