Tips for Duolingo exam preparation

Tips for Duolingo exam preparation

Tips for Duolingo exam preparation

The Duolingo English Test (DET) is an english proficiency testing system that evaluates candidates’ english language proficiency. This exam is similar to the other tests of english language like TOEFL, PTE, TOEIC and IELTS Exam. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Duolingo English Test gained popularity as universities started accepting this test. Although this exam is conducted in 4 sections like other exams english language exams. However, the criteria of the Duolingo English Test are entirely different from other exams. The Duolingo English Test exam is a computer-based exam and easy compared to the other exams. Thus, candidates can take the exam from any location with a computer and the Internet. 

There are numerous advantages of appearing in the Duolingo English Test. Such as,  it is convenient and accessible. Candidates can appear in the exam at any time and from any part of the world. Therefore, candidates must have a computer with good internet connection. Moreover, the candidate will get the result within 48 hours. To ace the exam with high scores candidates have to be well prepared. Therefore, candidates follow various preparation tips and tricks during the preparation. In this article, we will shed light on some things that candidates must consider during the preparation. These tips will ensure candidates’ success in the Duolingo English exam. Well, if you want to prepare for the exam under professional guidance, then you can join the best Duolingo Institute in Jalandhar.

Here are some important considerations for the Duolingo English exam preparation:

Practice sample papers 

Practicing sample papers is of the utmost importance as this will upgrade your knowledge of everything that you can see in the exam. When you know what is going to appear to you, you feel confident and positive to take the exam. Therefore, practicing the sample papers is compulsory for the aspirants hankering to boost their confidence in attempting the exam. 

Manage your thoughts 

Practice managing thoughts is vital for incredible success in exams. Relying on the meditation will offer you the best help in this. In fact, meditation is the process of learning to manage your focus on good thoughts and getting yourself out of the pattern of thinking negative thoughts. 

Eat a healthy diet

This could be quite surprising to you that eating a healthy diet can help you feel confident and positive. Yes, a healthy diet gives you positive energy and strength to do your tasks with the utmost level of efficiency. 

Practice relying on a healthy diet for one week only and observe the immense positivity in your personality. 

Face your fears 

Facing your fears daily is also important to boost your confidence in doing the task. The sample papers are going to boost your confidence in facing your fears and that’s why it is important for you to include the sample papers as a part of your exam prep. 

Keep your sources authentic and relatable 

It is advisable to keep your study sources authentic and relatable in order to keep your exam prep on the right track. The market has an ample number of books and other study source sot help you with your Duolingo exam prep. Make sure to have a look at them and buy the best ones to prepare extremely well for the exams. 

Focus management 

Focus management is important to feel confident and this is exactly what many test-takers lack. They take excess time to get their focus on the questions during the exams and this deteriorates the time management strategies. 

Focus management on the exam day as well as throughout the exam prep period is very mandatory. 

Avoid taking the exam on an empty stomach 

Many students often take the exam on an empty stomach as they feel that this will help them boost their efficiency in the exam. This is wrong as this can deprive you of enough energy to focus on the exam. Avoid such practices, instead, have a healthy breakfast before you take the exam. Also, the excess eating in order to maintain sharp attention on your exams. 

Positive self-talk 

Once you get to learn the benefits of positive self-talk, you will stop thinking negatively and will yearn to get time to talk with your inner self and spend time with yourself. Yes, positive self-talk is beneficial and crucial to a successful career. Thus, practice daily for it and develop a positive mindset. For sure, this will result into an incredible performance in the exam as well.

Analyze the Exam structure:

The first and foremost thing candidates have to consider during the Duolingo English exam preparation is the structure of the exam. The Duolingo English exam is conducted in four sections, each section has different types of questions and a different scoring system. To perform well in the exam candidates must have a proper idea about the exam syllabus. So, during the exam preparation candidates must solve the previous year’s exam papers. Solving these papers will give you an idea about the question types and get you familiar with the exam structure. Apart from this, you can also rely on the internet and or the official site of the exam conducting body to know the exam structure. 

Polish skills:

The Duolingo English exam evaluates candidates’ english reading, writing, speaking, and listening ability.  Therefore, to ace the exam with a high score, you have to polish your reading, writing, speaking, and english listening skills.  To polish their reading skills candidates have to practice reading english content on a daily base. They have to set some time aside and during that time they have to read english content they are interested in. Such as articles, blogs, storybooks,  and so on. It will also give the candidate an idea about adequate sentence structure. Moreover, reading English will add clarity to your voice, improve pronunciation, and impact your english speaking skills. 

 Moreover, they have to start writing articles on random topics. It will not only polish your writing skills but also enhance your speed. Similarly to enhance your listening skills, you have to listen to english songs, news, radio programs, and podcasts. It will help you understand the english language and also impact your listening skills. You will get an idea about some new vocabulary words, proper pronunciation, common phrases, and so on. Apart from this, you can also watch english tv shows as it also helps you in english learning. 

Practice test:

To well prepare for the Duolingo English exam candidates have to practice more and more. Thus, they have to regularly solve the practice test as it is the best way to prepare for the exam. Practice tests are also known as mock tests that are conducted on various online platforms. Regularly solving mock tests boosts candidates’ performance levels. It also enhances your speed and accuracy, thus candidates can solve the exam on time.  

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Wrapping up:

To wrap it up, during the Duolingo English exam preparation, candidates must follow the above-mentioned preparation tips. These tips will help candidates to prepare well for the exam so, they can ace the exam with high scores.