Side Hustles for Seasonal Earningss

Side Hustles for Seasonal Earningss

As the weather gets nice, the need for warm-weather jobs rises. Homeowners need lawn care, gardens tended, and home maintenance. Folks host outdoor parties and events requiring staffing. Creative skills like photography are also picked up for summer projects.

These temporary jobs are flexible schedule-wise for earning extra income. The work itself lets you soak up the sun! Summer side hustles help pad savings or pay off debt. You can make the most of the prime seasonal opportunities.

1. Outdoor Event Services

This idea is all about fun in the sun! Folks love outdoor parties and events in nice weather. You could help make those good times happen! Bake treats and serve food and drinks at these outside bashes.

If money is tight, you might need a loan. Easy approval start-up business loans could help with bad credit. Borrow funds to buy supplies for serving at outdoor events. Pay back the loan with earnings from your side hustle.


Cook up tasty foods for outdoor events in your town. Make easy snacks, sandwiches, and salads that travel well outside. Set up a table or booth to serve the goodies. Yummy food always makes parties and gatherings more fun!

Event Planning

You could also plan and coordinate the whole outdoor event!

  • Find a nice park or backyard for the location
  • Book fun activities like music, games, or entertainers
  • Handle setup and cleanup for a smooth-running good time

So get ready to soak up those summer rays! Outdoor event services let you work and play outside. A smart way to make extra money when it’s warm.

2. Home and Garden Maintenance

Summer is the perfect time for outdoor home projects. Many folks need help keeping yards looking bright and fresh. You could start a little biz helping with those tasks! Offer lawn care, landscaping, and more for some extra cash.

Lawn Care

Ensure those green yards stay neat and well-groomed. Mow lawns on a routine schedule each week. Trim edges, weed gardens, and clean up fallen branches. Yards will look crisp, thanks to your hard efforts!


  • Help yards look lush, colorful, and nicely put together.
  • Plant pretty flowers, shrubs, and other greenery
  • Set up borders or garden paths
  • Lay fresh mulch or pine straw
  • Make the whole outdoor space appealing and well-designed

With home and garden upkeep, there’s always work to do. Homeowners get busy and need an extra helping hand. That’s where you come in with your lawn care services! Spruce up overgrown areas while earning tidy profits.

No fancy training is required for these outdoor jobs. Just simple tools and a willing pair of hands. Stay active all summer, completing those household yard chores. You’ll make money while enjoying the sunshine and fresh air!

3. Vacation Rental Hosting

Summer means vacation season for many families and travelers. Lots of folks look for rental homes near fun destinations. You could earn cash by hosting guests at your place! Rent out a room, apartment, or whole house short-term.

Listing on Platforms

First, create listings on rental sites like Airbnb or VRBO. Post clear pics and descriptions of your rental space. Set a fair nightly rate based on your location. The platform handles booking requests and payments for you.

Guest Management

Once bookings start rolling in, you’ll host your guests.

  • Greet them warmly and provide fresh linens
  • Share tips on local attractions and eateries
  • Respect their privacy during their stay
  • Clean thoroughly after each set of guests departs

Running a vacation rental takes effort, but it pays off! You earn money while meeting new people from everywhere. Hosts get to decide dates and lengths for rentals. It’s flexible work that brings in extra summer income.

Safety comes first when letting strangers stay at home. Take precautions like listing house rules and verifying IDs. Communicate clearly and develop a rental routine you feel comfortable with. Then enjoy the freedom of making money off your space!

4. Summer Camp Instructor

Summer camps are a blast for kids on summer break! They get to learn new skills, make friends, and stay active. As a camp instructor, you could lead all the fun! Share your talents while earning some extra summer cash.

Organizing Activities

Camps need people to plan and run daily activities. Set-up sports, games, arts and crafts for camper enjoyment. Lead groups from one fun activity to the next. Keep kids engaged and have an awesome camp experience!

Skill-Based Teaching

Do you have a special skill or area of expertise?

  • Sports like soccer, baseball, dance
  • Artistic talents like music, art, theater
  • Outdoor skills like hiking, camping, and environmental studies
  • Teach your skills in a camp setting over the summer.

Summer camps hire instructors with all sorts of backgrounds. College students make great camp counselors over summer break.

But anyone with energy, patience, and a skill can apply! You’ll build leadership experience while kids learn and play. Safety is vital when working with youngsters at camp.

Make sure campers follow the rules and stay accounted for. Learn proper protocols like first aid and emergency plans. With preparation, you can ensure a safe camp experience for all.

Spending summer at camp lets you be a kid again! Join in silly camp songs, games, and outdoor adventures.

5. Freelance Photography

Photography is the perfect summer side hustle for creative types! Capture beautiful outdoor scenes and special moments on camera. You could get paid for event photography or stock photos. All you need is a decent camera and an eye for it.

If you don’t have gear, you may need a loan. Guaranteed $3000 installment loans for bad credit could help. Borrow funds to invest in a quality camera setup. Then, you can pay back the loan quickly with your photography earnings. A small loan lets you start this lucrative side job.

Event Photography

Lots of folks need photographers for summer parties and events. Snap pics at weddings, backyard BBQs, family reunions, and more! Edit and provide digital photo files as a final product. Your images will help clients preserve special memories.

Stock Photos

With a stock photo business, you take general pictures.

  • Capture nature scenes like beaches, parks, cityscapes
  • Shoot lifestyle photos of everyday situations
  • Get creative with abstract or artistic compositions
  • Upload and sell your stock images to online marketplaces.

What are the best parts about freelance photography as a side job? You create your own schedule and choose your projects. Get paid to explore new places with your camera. Work outside in gorgeous summer weather, taking awesome shots!

Photography skills improve with practice over time, like any art. Start building your portfolio with this fun summer hustle. Learn different techniques for all types of photography work. Soon, you’ll snap stunning pics that impress clients!


A side job adds an extra income source on top of regular work. Multiple income streams provide more security and financial flexibility. You’re not relying on just one paycheck from an employer. Don’t let prime money-making months go to waste each summer! Seize chances to earn when demand for certain services peaks. Take advantage of openings for summer jobs and gigs. Seasonal side hustles help grow finances through maximized efforts.