Money Saving Tips for Road Tripp

Money Saving Tips for Road Tripp

There’s something special about hitting the open road! Road trips let you go at your own pace and stop wherever it looks interesting. The freedom and adventure are hard to beat. But costs can add up fast if you’re not careful with spending.

The key is finding smart ways to save without missing out on the fun. Whether you have great credit and can get any loan or need to look into options like travel loans for bad credit people, a bit of planning makes a big difference. Take out only what you truly need to fund the experience responsibly.

Choose a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

Fuel economy should be a top priority when picking a car for your road trip. The window sticker shows miles per gallon (MPG) numbers. A higher MPG means the car can go more miles on one gallon of gas.

Smaller cars with smaller engines tend to get better gas mileage. But some larger cars are pretty fuel-efficient these days, too. No matter the size, look for models with high MPG ratings.

You may also want to consider a hybrid or electric vehicle. Hybrids have a regular gas engine plus an electric motor. The two work together to stretch your fuel further. Many get 40-50 MPG or more!

  • Hybrids combine gas and electric power
  • Electric cars need no gas at all
  • Look for 40+ MPG ratings on any model

Optimising Your Route for Savings

How you plan your driving route can save a nice chunk of change, too. First tip – avoid tollways and toll roads as much as possible. Those fees add up shockingly fast over many miles. Stick to regular highways and backroads instead.

It also pays to map out fuel stops strategically. Gas prices fluctuate from place to place. Try timing fill-ups for when you reach cities or areas with competitive pricing and multiple stations. Those tend to have lower costs per gallon.

  • Bypass toll booths by taking other roads
  • Fill up in cities with more gas competition 
  • Bring your road drinks and munchies

Packing Snacks and Meals

For snacks, get creative with trail mixes. You can make your own with nuts, dried fruit, pretzels, etc. Or bake a batch of fresh muffins or granola bars before leaving. Bring candy, too – a little chocolate makes any trip better! For drinks, grab juice boxes, bottled water, and sports drinks. Yum!

Meal prep is key to saving money. Make sandwiches ahead, like PB&J, turkey and cheese, or breakfast sammies, to eat on the go. Cold salads, pasta, wraps, and burritos also travel well. Bring toppings and sauces in little containers for extra flavour. And don’t forget utensils and napkins!

Meal Prep Ideas:

  • Bake muffins or energy bites
  • Pack zip-top bags with trail mixes
  • Make PB&Js or cold salads

For fresh road snacks, hit up grocery stores along your route. Stock up on sandwich stuff, microwave meals, fruit, and veggies with hummus or dips. Way cheaper and healthier than fast food!

Use Free Camping and Parking Sites

Use an app to find free parking areas and overnight lots for city stops. Truck stops, big box stores, casinos and more allow you to park and sleep for free. Check the app for amenities and reviews first, though.

Free Camping & Parking:

  • National parks have inexpensive campsites
  • Some offer cabins or RV hookups
  • Apps locate free overnight parking spots
  • Read reviews before parking overnight

Doesn’t that all sound like the perfect recipe for a budget-friendly yet delicious road adventure? Let me know if any other yummy tips would help! Safe and happy travelling!

Maintain Your Vehicle for Efficiency

Keep your car running well to save money on gas. Get tune-ups on schedule to improve fuel usage. A smooth-running engine works best. Don’t skip routine maintenance for your vehicle, either.

Regular tune-ups catch small problems before they become expensive. Mechanics replace old parts that make engines work harder, and new spark plugs and filters keep things running smoothly.

  • Use the correct tyre pressure
  • Avoid under-inflated tires
  • Check pressure once a month

Take Advantage of Travel Rewards

Earn free travel by using rewards credit cards wisely. Put daily spending on a card that earns points. Those points add up for future trips!

Hotel and airline loyalty programs pay off in big ways. When travelling, stay at the same hotel chains. Fly one airline brand as much as possible.

  • Rack up hotel points
  • Gain airline miles quickly
  • Get room upgrades and flights

Many credit cards give bonus points for travel purchases too. Use those for rental cars, hotels, flights, and more. The rewards make future adventures cheaper or free!

Exploring Free or Low-Cost Activities

Skip pricey tourist traps and find free fun instead! Check if parks offer free tours or events. Scope out free or cheap attractions in each town. Museums, gardens, and historic sites often have free days. Look for community festivals, outdoor concerts, or art walks. Local libraries sometimes host free classes and activities.

  • Free walking tours
  • Public parks and playgrounds
  • Window shopping in cute towns

Sharing Costs with Travel Companions

Travelling with friends helps cut costs for everyone! You can split fuel costs for the road trip. Share a rental car or take turns driving. One tank of gas is cheaper than multiple vehicles.

If you need cash for trip costs, you could get loans. No guarantor loans in the UK let you borrow with no cosigner. Easy for road trips when funds are tight. Pay back over time once home.

Sharing accommodation fees saves a lot compared to solo bookings. Split costs for a rental home or room. You each pay less for nicer places. Taking turns cooking group meals saves more!

  • Share rental and meal costs
  • All pay less for housing
  • Cook for the whole group

Tracking Expenses and Staying on Budget

Tracking every penny helps you stick to your road trip budget. Use money apps to log each expense as you go. Budgeting apps make it easy to see what you’re spending. You can set limits and get alerts if going over them.

Don’t toss those receipts, either! Hang onto them and enter costs into your app right away. Categorise purchases like gas, food, lodging, etc. Reviewing receipts lets you spot areas to cut back if needed.


With some creative cost-cutting, you can have an amazing road adventure without blowing your budget. Look for free or cheap activities, share expenses with buddies, and pack your food. Little savings add up to big ones over the whole trip!

But it’s not just about pinching pennies – it’s about making those lasting road trip memories too. You’ll look back fondly on good times with friends or family, weird roadside attractions, and seeing new places.