Four Financial Advisors Richmond

Four Financial Advisors  Richmond

Financial advisors can provide valuable assistance in managing debt, investing money wisely, and meeting retirement goals. To locate qualified advisors quickly, use the WiserAdvisor search tool, which connects users to pre-screened fiduciary financial planners.

Godsey & Gibb provides wealth management services, including asset allocation and portfolio management. With quarterly in-person meetings and a personalized client experience, they specialize in fee-only management to eliminate potential conflicts of interest and provide personalized advice to their clients.

Alpha Omega Wealth

Financial advisors assist their clients with investing and making sound financial decisions. They provide:

  • Invaluable advice regarding investment accounts, tax preparation, and retirement planning,
  • Insurance analysis,
  • Estate planning,
  • Portfolio management services and investment analysis services.

Financial advisors can be beneficial for people of all income levels; however, they may become costly for those with substantial assets or complex investment portfolios. Although people often assume only rich people need financial planners, a practical planner will make the most of your money regardless of its source or form.

Verus Financial Partners of Richmond offers comprehensive wealth management services. Their team of Certified Financial Planner professionals has over two decades of experience. Verus can help evaluate options for insurance policies, restricted shares purchases, real estate purchases, employee benefit packages, and employee retirement packages while offering guidance regarding retirement and charitable giving.

Covenant Wealth Advisors is a fee-only, fiduciary wealth management firm offering financial planning and investment advisory services in Richmond and Williamsburg. Clients across Virginia have nominated Covenant as Forbes’ Best-in-State wealth advisor. Covenant can assist in creating your financial plan, assessing retirement plan options, and helping small business owners navigate 401(k) plans with confidence.

Wills Financial Group

Wills Financial Group offers financial planning and portfolio management services for individuals, small businesses, and retirement and estate planning. With seven advisers registered as investment adviser representatives, they manage $206.4 million for 584 client accounts.

Wills Financial Group was established in 1989 in Richmond, Virginia, and currently employs seven people as a privately held company. Its advisors specialize in wealth planning and asset allocation strategies for high-net-worth families and individuals and act as fiduciaries, placing the best interests of clients first.

When selecting a financial advisor, always do your homework by researching their background and work history. You can gain this information by contacting their firm directly or browsing public filings. Look out for warning signs such as customer complaints, bankruptcies, or criminal convictions, as these might indicate bad advice—should any appear, consider seeking another advisor immediately.

To address dissatisfaction with a financial advisory firm, file a formal complaint with your state’s regulatory body. They’ll investigate and may take action, including revoking the firm’s license for misconduct.

As an independent financial advisor, you have two main choices for serving clients as an RIA: providing limited services or building a more prominent firm with multiple teams. Each option carries advantages, though be mindful of any inherent risks.


Agili Financial Advisory Firm provides investment management and retirement planning services to individuals. Their client list comprises executives, professionals, and families with significant wealth. Agili advisors specialize in cash flow management, tax minimization strategies, and investment strategies and offer business consulting for company owners.

The advisors of this firm are dedicated to offering clients customized investment solutions and comprehensive financial planning. They assist their clients in meeting financial goals such as retirement, college tuition, and estate planning, as well as helping with complex investments or insurance policies that might arise; additionally, they help establish foundations or trusts for them.

Agili Financial Advisors are legally bound to put the interests of their clients first; thus, they will avoid pushing products that may bring quick profits into their clients’ hands for quick profits. Furthermore, their highly reasonable fees make Agili an attractive solution for managing finances professionally.

As per its most recent Form ADV filing, Agili Financial Advisory LLC manages $1,096,208,221 in regulatory assets under management, with 1 advisor serving 32 clients, making it one of the larger US financial advisory firms.

Location: Richmond, Virginia. The firm provides financial planning, portfolio management, selection of other advisers, and educational seminars to clients nationwide. Its fee structure is transparent and calculated using a percentage of client assets; no commissions from product sales or insurance sales are received by them either. Their minimum investment amount of $1 million can be waived with long-term engagement with them.

Kanawha Capital Management

Kanawha Capital Management offers goals-based wealth management, financial planning, and investment management. Their fee structure aligns client interests with the firm’s. Based in Richmond, Virginia, they manage $883.9 million for 947 clients across 7 states. Alexandria Capital competes with them.

How Can You Select a Financial Advisor?

Virginia Estate and Retirement Planning Advisors

Virginia Estate and Retirement financial Advisors in Richmond, Virginia, is a financial services firm that offers investment and wealth management services for clients across various industries. In addition, estate and tax planning services are offered to help clients prepare for the future. As fiduciaries, they place client interests above all else, making them different from Wall Street brokerages or other financial services firms.

Financial planners can be invaluable allies in managing your finances, from debt management to savings strategies and retirement planning. In addition, they can assist with reaching goals such as sending children off to college or purchasing a new home. When selecting your planner it is wise to look for one who is certified by an established body; there are various methods available when selecting one and it is important that your goals come first before selecting one.

The cost of financial services depends on the size and nature of your assets and the length of your consultations. Some providers charge a flat fee, while others take a percentage from the value of your investments. It is essential to read their terms of service carefully before signing. If any fees seem unclear to you, ask your advisor for clarification.

Financial planners can simplify retirement planning. They can help you understand how much money you must save to achieve a comfortable retirement and develop a comprehensive strategy tailored specifically to you. In addition, financial advisors may assist with other issues, like managing debt or improving credit scores.