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Embroidery Digitizing

Embroidery digitizing is the present and future of machine embroidery. Today, it is not only use to cater the demands of the textile industry but also the advertising industry. Now businesses of all sizes can get fast, reliable and affordable embroidery digitizing services for their campaigns. With digitizing made easy using embroidery software, the cost is affordable and delivery time reduced to just hours.

In the past when technology was not advance as today, embroidery digitizing was an uphill task. Punch tapes were use and they required days or weeks to complete. Once prepared, they enabled machines for mass production but the time and cost were unbearable. Punch tapes laid the foundation for the embroidery digitizing software of today. Thankfully, we now have easy solutions for embroidery.

Embroidery Digitizing – Introduction

Embroidery digitizing is a sophisticated task and in today’s world a full-time job. The person who does it is an embroidery digitizer. A business logo or a design for a dress gets digitized by a professional digitizer before embroidery. Every design file gets converted to an embroidery digitized file by the digitizer. It is his job to ensure the file will run smoothly on the machine.

Embroidery machines come equipped with a computer having a software of its own. It allows the machine to read embroidery digitized files. The file provides instructions for the machine on how to stitch the desired design on fabric. Embroidery machines use threads and needles to sew the design and the digitized file guides it through the process. The embroiderer handles the rest and you get the fabric prepared according to your requirement.

A digitized file is a set of instructions for the machine in a language it understands. Most machines have a dedicated language. Thus, the correct format in accordance with the machine’s software is a must. A common file type, DST, runs on most embroidery machines today. But if the embroiderer needs an uncommon file, he informs the digitizer about it.

Whenever a design file is needed for the embroidery machine, it gets created. Every digitizer must own a stable PC that can run modern software smoothly. The software comes loaded with options which require a high-performance PC. Using an outdated PC will cause problems and most probably will not run the software.

How to Embroidery Digitize a File

Learning to digitize for embroidery is like developing a new skill. It requires time, patience and lots of knowledge. Embroidery digitizing gets done through a software and when you use it, you see a variety of options. A professional digitizer understands the functions of each option and the correct combinations to apply. Each design is unique and requires a different combination to bring out the desired result.

Once you have installed an embroidery digitizing software on your computer, you can experience it yourself. Every software is designed for digitizing made easy so that the user has no trouble in creating a file. But it does not mean there are no skills involved. The software only provides the necessary tools, the rest of the work demands experience and knowledge.

A common myth, embroidery is easy because it is only tracing. A digitizer simply traces an existing design and comes up with a digitized file. Truth be told, there is a lot of planning involved when executing the file. The very first step is to apply the correct settings for the stabilizer. Without it a thin fabric will get ripped to shreds by the embroidery machine’s needle moving at lightning speed.

The second step is to trace the outline of the design marking every needle point with precision. One wrong needle point can ruin the entire sewing process. You can choose different stitch types to enhance the beauty of the sew out. They are according to the design and, in most designs, multiple stitch types can used. After finilize, it is time to move inside. In the end the file will automatically save in the format by the machine.

Digitizing Made Easy Thanks to Internet

If you have a design that needs digitizing, the best approach is to get it by a professional digitizer. Trying to do it yourself with no prior experience will do more harm than good. When you start learning to digitize, the process is overwhelming. You spend a lot of money upgrading your PC and buying licensed software. After that you need to sit in front of your PC every day and spend hours learning to digitize.

By the time you are able to digitize a simple design, many months will have passed. Investing so much money and time in one design is not worth it. Hiring a professional digitizer is easy and affordable. Unlike other industries, embroidery digitizing is cheap. For instance, you get a digitized file according to your need for the left chest for as low as $10. A professional digitizer will do it for you within a day.

If you do not know which digitizer is the right one for you, search on the internet. You will get all the links to trustworthy sources. Every service provider has different rates so the best approach is to contact them first. Explain your design and requirements and get a quote. Choose the one that fulfils your requirements and fits within your budget.

Professional Embroidery Digitizing by Absolute Digitizing

Your best solution for digitizing made easy is Absolute Digitizing. We are a team of professional embroidery digitizers in the USA with experience of over 20 years. To date, we have digitized hundreds of designs and logos for our clients. We know exactly what a flawless digitized file looks like and we can digitize for you too. Have more than one design and need a reliable team for your design without spending a lot? You have reached the right place.Our prices are competitive and fits every client’s budget.

You can count on us for a quick delivery without compromising on quality. We have a dedicated team of experts to fulfill rush orders and deliver within the specified time. If you have any special requests regarding design, send us an email or talk to our experts via live chat.

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